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On Friday, at CYWC, we are talking about discipleship…which we thought would be a pretty simple topic to cover. Apparently not. The more we talk to different people, the more we realized that defining discipleship isn’t exactly clear. When we spoke with our friends in churches, a whole bunch clearly saw a difference between discipleship and evangelism, although some didn’t really know when evangelism ended and discipleship began. Some of our community youth worker friends didn’t really think there was any difference at all. A few of our Christian School youth workers wondered how discipleship worked in an academic institution, and some of our friends at camp focused a lot on doing evangelism with campers, and discipleship with staff. Basically, the ideas of discipleship were all over the place…and at times controversial. Who would have thought discipleship could be controversial…until we started talking about measuring discipleship…now that’s controversial! How do we measure the effectiveness of the models we use for discipleship? At what point can you actually tell if our methods are effective?  In the moment? A day from now? A year? 10 years? Should we even attempt to measure discipleship effectiveness?

Well we are. We are measuring what it is and how it happens in the context of camps, churches, community youth workers, and teachers. And yes, we have even gone so far as to try and measure the effectiveness of our current models in Canada. We will talk about it, from the front and around tables. We finally woke up to the reality that there is a lot of experience and wisdom in the room we need to access! We’ve also been working on a research project regarding discipleship in Canada, and are really excited to share the results during our Critical Concerns…both national and regional results. And finally, having looked at the results, everyone will get a chance to think through the best way we can respond.

My friends, we think it will be a great day of thinking and interacting, and we can’t wait to work through it with you!  See you soon.

⚑ Community Youth Worker Track

The Community Youth Work Track provides an opportunity for you to gain some understanding of the tough issues vulnerable young people face – and some skills to step into their lives with the love of Jesus. It can be intimidating to approach young people who are outside the doors of the church – and many of those inside as well! – but we’d like to give you some places to start. Come to hear veterans in the field of community based youth work speak from the experience and their heart.

We’re so thankful to Youth For Christ for partnering with us and to Iona Snair of Lifeteams for putting this track together and finding awesome people to provide training in this area. Learning Labs in this track will be labeled. Go to your region to see all Community Youth Worker Track Labs.



☀ Camp Track

This year we are really excited to introduce our “camp youth workers track”. Camp creates a unique opportunity for thousands of youth and young adults to experience and hear the Gospel through relationships, creation and the Word every single day of the summer…let alone what happens throughout the rest of the year! We cannot imagine what the spiritual climate of our country would be without camp ministry.

We’re so thankful that Muskoka Woods has chosen to partner with us in creating a track to encourage and equip both full time and summer camp workers this year at each of our locations across Canada.

Learning Labs in this track will have ☀ labels. Go to your region to see all Camp Track Labs.