Critical Concerns

  • CRITICAL CONCERNS (FRIDAY 9:00-4:30pm) It’s strategic, in depth training for all youth workers. This is great to do along with the leaders of your ministry/church (those who are the strategic thinkers and culture shapers of your ministry). Friday is a day of intense teaching from the front, with time to process around your tables. We encourage you to bring your entire team to think together through the big picture issues in youth ministry.

Soul Care + Learning Labs

  • SOUL CARE (FRIDAY 6:30-10:30pm) As a youth worker, you are constantly feeding into the souls of your youth…now it’s time for us to return the favour. Friday night’s main session and learning labs are exclusively focused on renewing your relationship with Christ.
  • LEARNING LABS (SATURDAY 9:00-4:30pm) Main sessions to encourage plus smaller classroom environments to equip you with very practical and tools oriented teaching. Learning labs are meant to appeal to all youth workers, paid and volunteer as well as anyone who has a vested interest in ministering to youth in their local context.