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Frequently Asked Questions.
Here are some common questions about CYWC.
What does CYWC stand for? (and what's its history?)

CYWC stands for Canadian Youth Workers Conference.

Darian Kovaks lead the first Canadian Youth Workers Convention in 2007 in Vancouver, BC, as a collaboration between Youth Specialties and Canada Fire. It originally began as a once a year national conference that rotated between Vancouver and Toronto. In 2009, Marv Penner became the president of Youth Specialties Canada and he and Lois Penner ran the conference until 2013. In 2013, Marv partnered with Sid Koop and Truth Matters Ministries, and CYWC became a regional conference in 6 different locations across Canada. Last year, almost 2000 youth workers and organizational representatives attended CYWC in Abbotsford, Kelowna, Calgary, Saskatoon, Winnipeg and Moncton. Our mission is to love youth by loving and equipping youth workers across Canada.

Our Challenge (the burden on our hearts)
Youth workers, next to parents, have the potential to play the most significant role in an adolescent’s spiritual formation. Teens desperately need significant adults journeying with them as they move through this time of overwhelming transition, and along with the paid youth workers, a great deal of the relational work is shared by volunteers. The reality is that often the least equipped individuals (our volunteers) are carrying heavy relational responsibilities. Our goal is to give both paid and volunteer youth workers the tools they need for maximum effectiveness.
Our Purpose (what is in our hearts)
Loving youth by serving and celebrating youth workers across Canada.
Our Mission (what we want to complete through action)
To better equip at least 1200 volunteer and 300 paid youth workers by delivering accessible, affordable, and practical youth ministry resources and training in a relationally rich and theologically infused environment in seven regions across our country every year.
Where will CYWC events be held this year?
Kelowna, BC – October 26-17/18
Winnipeg, MB – November 2-3/18
Montreal, QC – November 9-10/18
Moncton, NB – November 23-24/18
Saskatoon, SK – January 25-26, 2019
Abbotsford, BC – February 1-2/19
Edmonton, AB – March 1-2/19
What are Critical Concerns, Soul Care and Learning Labs?
CYWC events are divided into two main segments: Critical Concerns and Learning Labs.  Soul Care is a part of the Learning Labs segment.

CRITICAL CONCERNS (FRIDAY 9:00-4:30pm) It’s strategic, in depth training for all youth workers. This is great to do along with the leaders of your ministry/church (those who are the strategic thinkers and culture shapers of your ministry). Friday is a day of intense teaching from the front, with time to process around your tables. We encourage you to bring your entire team to think together through the big picture issues in youth ministry.

SOUL CARE (FRIDAY 7:00-9:45pm) As a youth worker, you are constantly feeding into the souls of your youth…now it’s time for us to return the favour. Friday night’s main session and learning labs are exclusively focused on renewing your relationship with Christ.

LEARNING LABS (SATURDAY 9:00-4:30pm) Main sessions to encourage plus smaller classroom environments to equip you with very practical and tools oriented teaching. Learning labs are meant to appeal to all youth workers, paid and volunteer as well as anyone who has a vested interest in ministering to youth in their local context.

Do I want to attend BOTH Friday (Critical Concerns) and Friday evening/Saturday (Soul Care + Learning Labs)?
Short answer – YES! We want you and your team to experience the challenge of Critical Concerns, the encouragement of Soul Care, and the practical tools that will come with the Learning Labs.
Is lunch provided?
Yes! We will be providing lunch for attendees on Friday AND Saturday! We want you to stay together as a team, visit our partners and exhibitors and get to know other people in youth ministry in your region. The cost for lunch is included in your registration. While we strive to have some vegetarian and gluten free options available, we are not able to accommodate all food restrictions.
Is there a registration cap?
We do not currently have a cap on the number of registrations at each CYWC Regional Training event. However, we are aware of our venue capacities and will publicize if there is a need to cap registrations.
Who is CYWC for?
CYWC is a conference for anyone who is involved in youth ministry. You may be a community youth worker, a youth pastor or director (paid staff), or a volunteer youth pastor/director or small group leader, program director, counsellor, or a senior pastor invested in your church’s youth ministry, or perhaps a parent of youth, or a teacher….it’s a big group! If you are passionate about awakening the lives of students through the Truth of Jesus Christ within youth ministry in your local context, then we want you to come to the nearest CYWC event.
I'm interested in partnering with CYWC events...
Awesome! Email Rachel at partners@cywc.ca and we’ll get you a Partner Kit so you can take a look at the options available to you.
Are there early bird or group rates?
CYWC events are priced low to make them accessible to as many people in youth ministry as possible. The low registration cost means that we cannot offer prices any lower with early bird or group rates. We know that many churches run youth ministries with a large group of volunteers and often it is cost-prohibitive to send them to expensive youth ministry conferences, and we want you to bring your whole team!

We will be increasing prices  one week prior to each event (so the Critical Concerns registration increases to $75, Learning Labs registration increases to $65 and the Combo registration increases to $115). We encourage you to register early to help us get a clear idea of numbers for our lunch provider (we want to make sure there’s enough food for you!) and to get the best deal for you and your team.

How can registration be so cheap?
We have a fantastic team of partners and sponsors (check out our Partners page!) who believe in what we’re doing and want to help us equip you at the lowest cost possible. It is such a sweet thing that we are able to set our registration costs so low for you because of our sponsors. We are so thankful, and you should go thank them too by checking our their website, booth, magazine ad and seeing how they can help enhance the youth ministry you’re a part of!
Refunds/Weather cancellation policy
All payments made to Truth Matters Ministries (CYWC Regional Training events)  are non-refundable. If you are unable to attend the CYWC event you registered for, you may transfer your registration to a different person. If you need to cancel the registration, all payments made are non-refundable. If you have questions or need assistance, please contact Rachel at 403-894-3730 or info@truthmatters.ca.

If we are unable to host an event due to weather conditions, payments cannot be refunded. If an event is hosted as scheduled and your group cancels or reduces numbers due to weather conditions, all payments are non-refundable.

What about Ontario?

We’re coming to Ontario in 2019!!!

We love Today’s Teens Conference and this year they have invited us into a partnership to run our Critical Concerns (Friday programming) on Feb 22, 2019 in front of their conference on Feb 23, 2019. Go to our Ontario page for details and Today’s Teens for more info.

What if I need to fly to CYWC?

One of our values is being regional, and eliminating the need for expensive flights and accommodations, and that’s why we’re coming to eight different locations across Canada. We do recognize that some people do need to fly, and as a result we welcome a partnership with Westjet to offer discounts on flights to help with those costs. 

Use the Coupon Code: 8B4P6CS and book at www.westjet.com/conventions to take advantage of these savings for flights during the following times:

Travel from: January 18, 2019 to March 11, 2019

January 18 – February 2, 2019 – to/from Saskatoon
January 26 –  February 9, 2019 – to/from Abbotsford/Vancouver 
February 15 –  29, 2019 – to/from Toronto/Hamilton  
February 2 – March, 11, 2019 – to/from Edmonton

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