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OUR CHALLENGE (the burden on our hearts) 

Youth workers, next to parents, have the potential to play the most significant role in an adolescent’s spiritual formation. Teens desperately need significant adults journeying with them as they move through this time of overwhelming transition, and along with the paid youth workers, a great deal of the relational work is shared by volunteers. The reality is that often the least equipped individuals (our volunteers) are carrying heavy relational responsibilities. Our goal is to give both paid and volunteer youth workers the tools they need for maximum effectiveness.

OUR PURPOSE (what is in our hearts) 

Loving youth by serving and celebrating youth workers across Canada.

OUR MISSION (what we want to complete through action) 

To better equip at least 1200 volunteer and 300 paid youth workers by delivering accessible, affordable, and practical youth ministry resources and training in a relationally rich and theologically infused environment in six regions across our country every year.